How to return overhead activities with shoulder Pain?

There is a good probability that therapists at clinics see a
lot of folks with shoulder pain. Impingement,  tendinopathy, strain, labral tear, subacromial pain, whatever you want to  call it- it’s a familiar presentation for many

Some workouts, despite being among the most popular among
the sports community can be provocative and sometimes impossible to return to
for people with subacromial pain. In this article, the therapist details a path that
they employ and have had success in reintroducing persons with subacromial pain
to do overhead activities.

Before beginning this program, establish various criteria
that the therapist believes are essential to begin overhead activities.

  • Pain-free shoulder flexion and abduction to 90 degrees.
  1.  Active and Passive  ROM exercises shoulder joint(pain-free range)
  2.  Shoulder pulley exercises (pain-free)
  3.   Full pain-free shoulder horizontal abduction and
  •  Basic rotator cuff strengthening exercises (each exercise for 10-15 repetitions 3-4 times/week)
  1.  Shoulder isometrics
  2.  Resistance band rotator cuff strengthening
  3. Shoulder active range of motion exercises with dumbbell
  4.  Shoulder weight-bearing exercises
  • Scapular exercises
1. Wall walk stretches

2. Shoulder horizontal abduction
3. Blackburn exercise 

4. Shoulder I  and shoulder Y
In general, these are some rehabilitation phases that take the player/person back to throwing activities or overhead activities.
  • Shoulder Plyometric program

1. Isolated glenohumeral plyometrics

2. Wall dribble 90 and Wall dribble overhead

3. Deaccelerations

4. PNF using thera band
Introducing throwing activities
1. One arm throwing motion
2. Rebounder throwing
  1. External rotation with water dumbbells
  2. Diagonal arm raise
  3. Walking breaststroke