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Best physiotherapy clinic in Kolkata. Experience the pinnacle of Physiotherapy care at our DPIIT-recognized start-up in Kolkata, proudly registered with Start-up India for our exceptional service in Hydrotherapy. With enormous market potential, our cutting-edge treatments play a crucial role in managing various chronic conditions.

Our innovative Hydrotherapy techniques offer clinically proven advantages in accelerating recovery for patients with neurological disorders and other chronic illnesses. Post-surgical recovery rates and surgical success have been significantly improved, enhancing patients’ quality of life after procedures.

With increased market visibility, accessibility, and affordability, hydrotherapy is poised to reach new heights in India. Our top-rated Best Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy clinic in Newtown, Kolkata, is now open to serve you better. Let us help you embark on your journey to better health and wellness

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Physiotherapy from Alexa?

Alexa Healthcare,  opening Best Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy clinic in Kolkata with it’s holistic approach providing one stop solution for pain management, resolving Neurological problems in geriatric and pediatric cases. We provide advanced and best physical therapy treatment techniques such as Electrotherapy, Mannual therapy, Cupping therapy, Needling, Hydrotherapy, etc. to cure pain conditions from root cause. Our integrated system approach to treat patients involves Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment, Feedback, Follow-up. Our team includes Orthopedic surgeon, Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons, Pain Physicians, General Physicians, Specialty physiotherapists, etc.

Let’s dive deeper into each aspect of the services provided by Alexa Healthcare, highlighting the expertise of the team, the importance of an integrated approach, and the commitment to patient-centric care.

Pain Management

Check Mark Icon, Transparent Check Mark.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNGElectrotherapy:

Our clinic utilizes advanced electrotherapy modalities to target specific areas of pain and discomfort. Our physiotherapists are trained in the latest techniques, ensuring that you receive the most effective and up-to-date treatments available.

Check Mark Icon, Transparent Check Mark.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNGManual Therapy:

Our hands-on manual therapy techniques are designed to improve joint mobility, reduce pain, and enhance overall physical function.

Check Mark Icon, Transparent Check Mark.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNGCupping Therapy:

Experience the ancient healing art of cupping therapy at Alexa Healthcare. Cupping therapy is particularly effective in relieving chronic pain and promoting relaxation.

Check Mark Icon, Transparent Check Mark.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNGNeedling:

Our clinic offers needling therapies, including acupuncture and dry needling, to target trigger points and alleviate pain. These techniques stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, helping to reduce pain and improve overall function.

Check Mark Icon, Transparent Check Mark.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNGHydrotherapy:

Immerse yourself in our hydrotherapy programs, incorporating water-based exercises and therapies. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for a wide range of conditions, providing a low-impact environment that enhances mobility, reduces pain, and improves overall well-being.

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Success Stories
Sarfaraz Rahim
Sarfaraz Rahim
My son goes swimming here, trainer is very good and process is awesome
Sanket Kumar Dash
Sanket Kumar Dash
A quick recovery that wasn't expected. Too good
Nilkanta Moni Paul
Nilkanta Moni Paul
Overall experience was good...staff is very cooperative and helpful... The physiotherapy treatment is very good...highly recommended👍🏻


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